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我們的「搜書網絡」分佈中國內地、香港、澳洲、美國、加拿大、日本總共 586間書局及書商代理,隨時候命為您搜書。




步驟 1:

您只須用電郵 (book@hked.org)送上要找的書籍資料給本書局,這些資料最好包括:





書籍版本 (如3rd Edition/第4版)(必須)










步驟 2:


  1. 您訂購的參考編號(Order Reference Number),作日後任何參詢之用。

  2. 是否找到該本書籍

  3. 該書籍之價格、運費,及付款方法

  4. 該書籍送抵給您的時間

  5. 您的郵寄地址及收件人姓名

  6. 尋求確認您是否訂購該書籍

  7. 願意訂購確認表

步驟 3:



步驟 4:


  1. 您訂購的參考編號(Order Reference Number),作日後任何參詢之用。

  2. 訂購書籍資料、寄出時間,及送抵給您的時間。

  3. 您的郵寄地址及收件人姓名





您只須將您的「訂書參考編號(Order Reference Number)」電郵到下列郵址:book@hked.org,我們會在兩日內回覆您訂購的書籍搜尋或運送的情況。



「難書搜尋服務」由香港教育資料搜集社提供,服務由 2002年推出至今



任何疑問 歡迎查詢

電話:(852) 6588 2455 (辦公時間:週一至週日: 早上9:00至晚上7:00)


傳真:(852) 2838 2875

Many people have experience greater hardships of finding books at the bookstore. It is really wasting times and money.

For the sake of some reference books, textbooks, a certain specialty books, classic etc. You go to every bookstore and find day after day, but nothing is the result.

The bookstore employee only glances down your book's name, saying with a cold voice, "SorryWithout this book!"

" When does the book have?" you are half believe, pursue relentlessly.

“Or you come next week again, maybe make a phone call again to ask!”

The story shown above is happened everyday. “Search Difficult Books Service” is established for the people who do not want to tolerate these circumstances.

You order the book. We help you to find it worldwide at our every efforts. We will never give up until we find your book.

Our " book's searching network" distributes China, Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan to all amount 586 book companies and book retailers. They are all awaiting your instruction to search the book for you at any time.

We provide any English and Chinese books.

Place a book order (Four-step)

Step 1:

You only need to e-mail ( book@hked.org) us the book's detailed informations you want to order.

This information had better include:

Book title (must)

Author (must)

Publishing company (must)

Publishing dates (must)

Book edition (as 3 rd Edition (must)


The book content describes

Book cover composition or colors describe

Any information you think will help us to recognize the book

Your contact email address (must)

Special request (if send and arrive time and request, mail the way, price upper limit etc.)

(The information that you provide is more, the opportunity of finding out that book is greater.)

Step 2:

We after receiving the order, then start finding the book for you. Within three weeks, we would send an “Confirm the Order E-mail” toward you. This email can include the following data:

  1. Your Order Reference Number (Please quote this number if you need to contact the bookstore for any reason.)

  2. Whether find out the book or not

  3. The price, mailing fees and the payment method

  4. That book sends and arrives to your time

  5. Your mail address and consignee names

  6. Confirm you whether to order that book or not

  7. “Yes to order form”

Step 3:

If you make up your mind to order this book, please fill “Yes to order form” that attached at the " Confirm the Order E-mail" and return it through e-mail( book@hked.org) to us.

You are required to pay the total amount of the order, according to the payment method when you send back the “Yes to order form”.

If you have anything to change or special require, please send it with this e-mail.

Step 4:

When we received the “Yes to order form”, we will send out the book that day. Meanwhile, “Final Confirmation E-mail” will send to you. It includes the following data:

  1. Your Order Reference Number (Please quote this number if you need to Contact the bookstore for any reason.)

  2. Order book information, send outing time, and the expected time arrive to you.

  3. Your mail address and consignee names

Please notice when you received “Final Confirmation E-mail”. Your order cannot be cancelled because we already have sent the book that you order.

That's the end of the order.

Check the searching and delivery status

You e-mail (book@hked.org) to the following account quoting with your “Order Reference Number”. 

We will reply within two days.

How to guarantee after pay I can receive the book?

Education Info (HK) manages Cheap Price Online Bookstore.

The bookstore established since 2002.  All bargains are absolute safe.

All delivery is by registered mail. Send book on subscriber handing directly by mailman and all accepting must sign. It eliminates the chance sent by mistake or loses completely.

Any question, please feel free to contact us

Tel: (852) 6588 2455 (Mon. - Sun. 9:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.)

Email: book@hked.org 

Fax:(852) 2838 2875

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